Yes! The young mountaineers conquered the top of the Bulgarian Tsar Gavril Radomir!

      Children club “Young mountaineer” enjoyed spectacular views of Mount Radomir. 28. 09.2014, the young mountaineers climbed a fourth peak of the ten mountain tops of Bulgaria. Radomir peak is the highest peak in the mountain Belasitsa -2029 m. It is 9 km southwest of Petrich. Until 1942 he was named Kalabak name still used by the local population. His new name was given in honor of the Bulgarian tsar Gavril Radomir.
(Gavril Radomir is a Bulgarian king, eldest son of Tsar Samuil and Agatha. In Byzantine sources is referred to as “Roman”.
The peak rises to the main mountain ridge west of Mount Thick hill and east of Mount Lozen. The ridge his passes state border between Bulgaria and Greece. The peak is marked with border pyramid №24.



Поглед в далечината И е вкусно да се яде на върха! На върха винаги е ветровито!








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