1001 years from Tzar Samuil’ Rule

In honor of the 1001 management of Tsar Samuil club “Young mountaineer ‘association to” Give Love ” Petrich for second consecutive year give homage to one of the most remarkable medieval rulers devoted his life and his reign of defending the freedom and independence To Bulgaria. The event was attended by over 150 people: children Club Young mountaineer and all schools in the municipality, TD Kalabak, Bella Extreme and citizens of the municipality. All together the people walked five km route from the village of Kliuch to Samuil’s Fortress – “In the footsteps of Samuel Wars” and telling the story of the battle, we went 10 centuries back in time. The entire route did not stopped the waving flags and people who sang songs. The celebration of Samuil Fortress was exported from kids club “Young mountaineer.”





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