1000 years since the death of Tsar Samuil

   On 10.10.2014 on the occasion of 1000 the death of Tsar Samuil 30 children from the club “Young mountaineer” the Association “Give Love” with much trepidation and emotion walked in the footsteps of Samuel warriors and telling the story of the battle, were brought 10 centuries back in time. Throughout the five-kilometer route of the march from the village Key to NTC “Samuil Fortress” kids have not stopped waving flags and singing songs. They showed tribute to fallen soldiers and the great Tsar Samuil up, offering the crown.
At this place in 1014, the Byzantine Emperor Basil II defeated the Bulgarian troops of Tsar Samuil and took into captivity 14,000 Bulgarian soldiers. Enraged by the hardness of the Bulgarians and contrary to all Christian dogmas, it cripples all prisoners, making them blind. For every 100 blinded soldiers he left one with one eye to lead them on the way home to be dealt a moral blow to the already old Tsar Samuil. This cruelty Basil II went down in history with a bloody history title “Bulgaroktonos” (Bulgars). Tsar Samuil managed to save his life in this battle, but in sight of thousands of blind men returning home after two days of 6 Oktober 1014 he dies.
After breaking the Samuil army in Key Basil II took to the Strumica, medieval Bulgarian fortress in order to conquer, but with poor success. He decided to retire to Thessaloniki, sending his commander Teofilaktiy Botaniates to clear the road. At the transition between Belasitsa and oak mountain, the Byzantines defeated and killed himself Teofilaktiy of Gavril Radomir, son of Samuel.


Да отдадем чест в името на светлата  памет на Самуиловите воиници                                                                                Да развеем Българското знаме за падналите Наши Герои

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