Bulgarian life of Syrian refugees in Village Scrat

In 2012 1387 people have sought protection in Bulgaria .

As of 16th of October 2013 on the territory of Bulgaria 6445 illegal immigrants have entered Bulgaria mainly through the border with Turkey. 4400 of those were Syrians .

In early December has released information that 57 % of illegal immigrants in Bulgaria are from Syria , followed Afghanistan – 16.3% , Algeria – 4.2% , Palestine – 4.4% and Mali – 2.9%.

Foreigners in Bulgaria who want refugee status are mainly from Africa , the Middle East and some countries in Asia . In recent months, the principal amount of illegal border crossings coming from Syria because of the civil war there.

The Bulgarian society expresses his discontent and fears of threat to national security, after an enormous mass of refugees entered into Bulgaria after Unrest in the Middle East

A poll of ” Sova Harris ” says that 62.2 % of respondents do not want more refugees in Bulgaria, 15% – agree with the reception of refugees and 22.7% can not judge .

In village Scrat, Petrich Municipality, locals show empathy for the plight of the young Syrian refugee family Uafa Haro ( 25 ) and her husband Mohammed Tuakdzhi (32 ) , and their two little babies – Ward( 2) and Mustafa ( 2 ) .

During the war they lost most of their  friends and relatives. When members of our association went to see them and to bring them food, the first thing that they have showed was a photo album of their brothers and sisters who were murdered in the war. That is the only thing which they had managed to take with coming to Bulgaria as a memory of their lives before.

The family was placed in a house by the municipality of village Scrat. When we entered inside it was warm and hot, their children smiled to us happily and explained to Uafa that they feel too warm and do not want to wear socks. Uafa knows little Bulgarian. She is learning from her Bulgarian neighbors who come every day to ask them if they need anything. Mohammed knows not so well Bulgarian, but in Greek he explained to one of our members their story in Bulgaria as refugees.

When they came in Bulgaria they were settled in Harmanli. The conditions there were very bad and their two babies were starving. The food for them was not enough too, but it was not so important that for them.With the help of some people they came to the village Scrat .

“Now I live with the Bulgarians as brothers- says Mohammed” . He showed us bracelets with the image of Jesus Christ. Some of the neighbors gave them as gifts. Mohammed explained how God is one and if were not the Bulgarian neighbors , he and his family would have died of cold and hunger .

This is other reality of the refugee problem in Bulgaria. The point at which the Bulgarians show humanity and kindness and help people in need, despite their own problems of living.

  • January 27, 2014
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