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Let’s smile together on June 1st!

We celebrated the most wonderful day -The Children’s day in the most wonderful way! The associations “Give Love” and “People help” spent the holiday together with the children of poor families in the municipality of Kresna and made their day even more wonderful and memorable. All children received a lot of toys, books, games and entertaining outfit. Children and their parents have been waiting

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Charity Campaign “You have someone not” in Gotse Delchev town

On May 29 , representatives of ” Give Love” organization and the ” People Help ” donated toys and chothes  in a home for children deprived of parental care “Ivan Kiulev ” – Gotse Delchev. With excitement, the children were waiting for their visitors. They were so full of joy and happiness and expressed to us their gratitude with so many smiles and glowing faces. All

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” Easter Nest ” Gift

The members from club “Young mountaineer ‘ association to ” Give Love ” together with their peers from home for children deprived of parental care in Home ” Petar Dimitrov ” – Parvomai village , made a gift ” Easter Nest ”  to the  mayor of Petrich -eng. Velyo Iliev  for the Great Christian Holiday –  Easter . Week before Easter, children from club “Young mountaineer ”

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Participation in Charity

Maria Dimitrova Taseva member of the club “Young mountaineer ‘association to” Give Love ” sang the song ” Crocodile Gena ”  at Easter charity concert to raise funds for his contemporaries Hristina Angelova, who suffered from cerebral palsy. The concert was organized by the youth organization “Intaract club” Petrich, which was held at the National Cultural Center “Brothers Miladinovi – 1914″ – Petrich.

Bulgarian life of Syrian refugees in Village Scrat

In 2012 1387 people have sought protection in Bulgaria . As of 16th of October 2013 on the territory of Bulgaria 6445 illegal immigrants have entered Bulgaria mainly through the border with Turkey. 4400 of those were Syrians . In early December has released information that 57 % of illegal immigrants in Bulgaria are from Syria , followed Afghanistan – 16.3% , Algeria –

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