Charity campaign “You have, and some do not …”

On 10.05.2014 year association ” Give Love ” launched a campaign to raise children’s clothing , toys, teaching aids , fun and educational games and other new and second hand donations . The campaign was held with the support of the municipality of Petrich and our partners: ” Interact Club ” Petrich and non profit organization ” People help .” The aim is to collect donations which will  be distributed among needy families and children, social homes and centers  in Blagoevgrad .

I lot of children came to donate their favorite toys , stories , movies and clothes for their peers . Mayor of the municipality  Petrich engineer Velyo Iliev personally attend the event and donate for the campaign books. One of them – the Bible, he donated to the organizers wishing them to follow the principles set forth therein. In the following initiatives in the framework of this campaign the Mayor wished the organizers to be able to make it a successful venture at the national level.


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