Charity Campaign “You have someone not” in Gotse Delchev town

On May 29 , representatives of ” Give Love” organization and the ” People Help ” donated toys and chothes  in a home for children deprived of parental care “Ivan Kiulev ” – Gotse Delchev. With excitement, the children were waiting for their visitors. They were so full of joy and happiness and expressed to us their gratitude with so many smiles and glowing faces. All 48 children received a lot of clothes and shoes. They explained us that they will wear new clothes on the day of the child – 1 st of June .But not only the new benefits they rejoiced , they were extremely happy with the presence and the care with which they were surrounded by representatives of the two associations. Each child individually starred with representative and  impatiently waiting for his turn to come . The Joy and happiness in their eyes are the things that make us never stop doing that and make them happy.


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