Easter- for everyone!

It is not known when the people first started to dye eggs. Historical and archaeological evidence suggests that eggs are dyed and donated in ancient Egypt, Persia, Rome, China and Greece.

In ancient times when  the Jews were going to visit someone they used to donate a gift to the host. If the guest was very poor, he used to give an egg. According to Christian tradition, when Mary Magdalene went to Rome to meet with the Roman emperor, she gave him an egg that was dyed red, symbolizing the blood of Christ. Since then entered the custom for Christians to give each painted red eggs at Easter. Gradually began to use other colors.

The rituals associated with the eggs, symbolized the birth of life!

In Bulgaria the tradition to paint eggs is on Maundy Thursday or Holy Saturday. The children  from club “Young mountaineer ” , associated to ” Give Love ” organization, colored and painted a week before Esater their eggs together with their peers from home for children deprived of parental care from village Parvomai. The young club members shared their skills in painting and decoupage, and together with the children turned the preparation of Easter eggs in a game filled with funny moments and lots of laughter.

The young mountaineers  spent hours helping their peers. At the end of the day all the children were so happy of the new  friendly and warm children’s relationships, which they did and the beautiful Easter eggs, they made.

Unforgettable pleasant memories for both sides.


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