“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”

Mother Teresa said: ” I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”. It is hard sometimes to ask for help. It is harder to be a lonely mother and to ask for a help. It is very hard to us when we see all that poverty, all these lonely mothers who take care

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In the name of Good for people in need from Karnalovo

Give Love” continues its mission in the name of a better life for people living in huge poverty. Thanks to our angel Violeta Stoyanova, we support children and adults with clothes and toys from village Kavrakirovo, Petrich Municipality.

Noble deed in Petrich Municipality

“Give Love” continues with its good and honorable activities. In the face of our angel Violeta Stoyanova we successfully manage to increase the numbers of your noble deeds in Petrich town. “Give Love” Association helped families who live on the edge of poverty in Petrich town. The organization donated a lot of clothes, shoes, and toys for children and adults. We are working almost

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Help for Center for Temporary Accommodation, Vratsa Town

This week, with the help of our angel Lily of  “Give Love” Association we helped the people from Center for Temporary Accommodation, Vratsa town with a lot of clothes, blankets, and other necessary stuff. Many thanks to EUROSPED Team and Mila Gospodinova for their help and support . Thanks to them we are able to help people in need in all Bulgaria, in every

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We continue our work in 2017 to help children and people in need

After the cold and frosty days in Bulgaria, “Give Love” continues its work in raising funds for children and adults in need, as follows: This Saturday, January 21 in Petrich town from 14:00 to 18:00 o’clock. This Sunday, January 22 in Sofia city from 13.00-17.00 o’clock. More

Help to Center “Mother and Baby” in Vratsa town

Even the weather is frosty and cold and there are holidays, the angels of “Give Love” does not have rest. In the face of Lily of “Give Love” days before  The old 2016 year has gone, we have helped the small infants from Center “Mother and Baby” Vratsa town with warm baby clothes and also their mothers with appropriate clothing. Thank You all of

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We continue our vacation!

Due to bad weather the Points of “Give Love” in Petrich town and Sofia town will not work this week.We will accept donations again on 21/01/2017 (in Petrich) and 22/01/2017 (in Sofia). We wish you a warm and cozy winter days! Be healthy and happy!

New working hours in the New Year

Happy New 2017, dear people! “Give Love” wish you a more fertile and prosperous in the New Year, full of affection and love, and a lot of prosperity! Because of the bad weather forecasts Association “Give Love” announced opening hours of its points as follows: The checkpoint in the city Sofia will work on 15th of January @ 13.00 to 17.00. The checkpoint in

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Christmas and its angels from “Give Love”

Although we announced our Christmas break points, the working angels from “Give Love” does not stop. Earlier this week, Lily and Irene visited Novi Han and Father Ivan and all the children he cares. We took them 170 gifts for Christmas, hoping to make them smile, although the difficulties with firewood. But the child they expect their gifts, despite the difficulties of the big ones.Many

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Charity Christmas Concert “Where are you, Christmas?”

Charity Christmas Concert “Where are you, Christmas?” The concert held on 07.12.2016 18: 00h. in “PK Yavorov” city.Blagoevgrad. It involved students from area dance groups, participants from X factor and Moses! Christmas Charity Concert “Where are you, Christmas” organized by vox64.com and http://give-love.eu/, Lilia Petrova, Ivan Kanchev and the Municipality of Blagoevgrad, with the support of Radio Blagoevgrad. With the funds raised from the

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Toys and Joy for the children in Complex of Social Services in city Roman

On 3rd of December, our good and kind angel Galka had visited the children from the complex of social services in city Roman. The children enjoyed the clothes, shoes, and toys that we had prepared for them. The extreme gratitude we would like to express and to Miglena Kopcheva and Nikolay Nikolov from “NIKI Ltd.” who made this donation reality and helped with food

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Bright Christian Family Day for retired people in need

What is more important than the cosiness and the unity of the family, when everybody is at home and have laugh and cozy atmosphere, or better to have a meal on the table in the Day of the Christian family day  November 21. There are many people in Bulgaria who have some of these things, there are those who have perhaps everything, but there are

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In cooperation with EUROSPED for people in need

“Give Love” continues fundraising activities throughout the country. We help young and old. We are happy to share where we were guests. Thanks and with the help of a good soul in the face of Lily of our team, we visited a Home for the elderly “Aleksandrovska”. We are extremely grateful to EUROSPED  for their assistance in the transportation of donations, and not least

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– If there is something that is more important for a child than his parents, that is his toys! ….” On 8th of November, “Give Love” with its representatives, Diana Stoyanova and Villi Stoyanova visited the children from Kindergarten “Children’s World” affiliate of Belasitsa village Petrich Municipality. For the kids of all groups in the kindergarten were prepared many puzzles, toys, books, comics and

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The Young Mountaineers in Action

The children from NGO “Young Mountaineers” in action … helping to be more successful the campaign and fund more donations. Association “Young mountaineer” is a partner in the campaign of the association Give Love / Give Love “Together as a family …” More

Together as a family

“Together as a family,” this is the action to raise dry food packages for needy lonely pensioners and family pensioners on the occasion of November 21 Christian Family Day. Organizer “Give Love”, supported by Petrich Municipality and its partners  NGO “Young mountaineer” and NGO “Together we can do more.” The campaign will run from November 1 to November 12 at the points of “Give

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Support the Bulgarian Kindergarten

On 2nd of October “Give Love” continues its campaign to support kindergartens. On the first day of October the team of “Give Love” visited the kindergarten in Samuilovo village, Petrich municipality. Although it was off Saturday, The Mayor of Samuilovo Mr. Kiril Stojanov, showed exceptional responsiveness and commitment to our cause. He did everything possible the kindergarten of the village to open even on

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To Help poor people in the village

“Give Love” helped dozens of needy families from the villages Mihnevo and Belasitsa in Petrich town. On 9th of July, 2016. Villi Stoyanova from “Give Love” visited the municipalities of the two villages, where the donations have been transported. They prepared toys, books, puzzles, games and kindergartens for the two villages. “Give Love” thanked the mayor of Belasitsa Mr. Velik Filchev and the mayor of Mihnevo

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Around Bulgaria and her abandoned children in Yambol town

In June, thankfully to the support and cooperation of our friends “Give Love”  managed to make happy the children from TSNSTDMBU “SUN”  in Yambol town with clothes and shoes. These are some of the donations that we solicit in our points. Anyone wishing to be part of our cause and to give love and attention and helps children and people in need can contact

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To be guests in Centers for daily care “Hope” and “Sun”

On 25th of May “Give Love” delighted youngsters from Center for daily care “Hope” and children from Center daily care “Sun”  Petrich town with a lot of puzzles, games, and books. Thanks to donations of Rotaract Club Sofia City and organized their campaign “Donate clothes – donate hope”, thanks to all of you- the people ho we were able to make these donations. Thanks

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“Hope” and “Light” Centers for adults with mental disorders

On 19/01/2016 “Give Love ” was a guest  of small group adults who live in homes for people with mental disorders “Hope” and “Light ” in Petrovo village.  “Give Love” supported the centers with donations from its points. More

Toto and Sashka

We are happy to announce that today on 24.01.16 we were able to help Sashka and Toto ( the family in need which we reported earlier). Today they received clothes, toys for the children, books, household stuff and etc. We are still looking for them furniture- beds, chairs, etc.  Please mail us, if you would like to help Toto and Sashka and their three

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Give Love hepled 40 people in need for New Year’s Eve

“Give Love” with the cooperation and assistance of the Mayor of Petrich town Mr. Dimitar Brachkov succeeded to made donations days before the New Year’s Eve to needy families and single people from the villages Kamena,Gabrene and Skrat. More

Thanksgiving diplomas

 “Give Love” presented certificates of gratitude at 8 a class  of “Peyo Yavorov” regarding the participation of high school students in charitable initiatives. Today Diana Yazadzhieva, founder of the association, personally congratulated and thanked the students and the tutor-Stamena Terzieva. Mrs Yancheva the director of the School also attended the ceremony and congratulated the children for the initiative. More

The holidays are approaching, and with them the gifts are increasing!

Today on 22.12.2015, the day before Christmas, NGO “Give Love”, with the support and assistance of Mr. Dimitar Brachkov Mayor of Petrich Town, we were able to donate a lot of joy to the children of Home “Petar Dimitrov” and home for children with illnesses in Parvomai village. Thanks  wholeheartedly for donations of Chipita 7 days for the great treats and products, which made the children

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Our campaign to support the Bulgarian kindergartens continues

We are delighted that our campaign to support the Bulgarian kindergartens continues! “Give Love” with the support and assistance of the mayor of the Municipality of Petrich town Mr. Dimitar Brachkov, we together today succeeded to donate a lot of puzzles, movies and children’s toys in Kulata village. We are glad that thanks to all of our donors we are able to collect so many different

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Let’s not forget that we must be people not just at Christmas!

We are happy that today we managed to help two mothers who, despite shortages, they take care with love their children. Happy to contribute to the happy ending of two sad stories that we sow on BTV (http://btvnovinite.bg/…/koledata-nevazmozhna-za-samotna-maj…) and on NOVA TV (http://novanews.novatv.bg/ … /% D1% 82% D1% 80% D0% B8% D1% 82% D0% B5 … /). We are happy that even in  boxes

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Together we succeeded!

With a great joy we want to tell all donors of NGO “Give Love” yesterday on 12.15.2015, with the help and assistance of one of our volunteers were able to help many children Bulgarian family! Impossible to pay the high bills and the expensive life in the capital, the family was forced to move with his six children and awaiting another future member. The family live now near

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Christmas Gifts for abandoned children

On the occasion of Christmas and New Year  “Give Love” visited on 12/14/2015 home “Ivan Kulev”  in Gotse Delchev town. Give Love donated many sweets and children’s clothes for the home, and television for the needs of Home “Ivan Kulev”   More

International Day of Persons with disabilities

On the occasion of December 3 – International Day of Persons with disabilities NGO “Give Love” together with students from  “Peyo Yavorov” will visit day center “Hope” in Petrich town. Students from 8-A class in “Peyo Yavorov” led by Stamena Terzieva and Antonia Kolchakova- President of the club “Active mothers’ association to” Give Love ” will visit together the center. They will surprise the kind

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Day of the Christian family

Club “Young mountaineer”  and club “Active mothers’ association to NGO” Give Love ” took the initiative to assist needy families for Day of the Christian family in Petrich town. The heads of the clubs Antoaneta Kolchakova and Gergana Sandakchieva donated dry food packages to 10 families in Samuilovo and Belasitza, and Kliuch villages in Municipality of Petrich town. On behalf of the entire team of

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Christian Family Day!

On November 21 Bulgarian folk calendar day is destined for Christian Family Day. The home is a sacred place where children learn the most valuable life lessons and acquire important knowledge about the world. In today’s Day of the Christian Family NGO “Give Love” took the initiative to donate dry food packages to needy families with the desire to regain the power of the

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Donations for Bulgarian kindergarten continue…

Today on 16.11.15 NGO “Give Love” continued its campaign donations for kindergartens. Kindergarten 45 “Rainbow Bright” in Sofia town is the first kindergarten in the capital, which the organization donated children’s puzzles. Thanks to the director of the kindergarten Mrs. Zhechka Mihaleva for its responsiveness.

Donations for children with illnesses in Roman town

On 14.11.15 NGO “Give Love” visited the home for children with illnesses in Roman town We are extremely happy that we were able to pleased their needs with all of the donations that were prepared for them. We want to express our heartfelt thanks to the companies that helped us and prepared cakes for the children, as well as the transportation. Thanks to “Tony Trans-

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Speed climbing supported by Give Love

Speed climbing, organized by Bela Extreme, was full of adrenaline and emotions to all who participated in it. In speed climbing is included Antoinette Tocheva- President of the club “Active mothers’ association to” Give Love “. She award prizes to participants Yordanka Trenkov and Vania Mancheva. They won vouchers for massages. Antoaneta wished them healthy life and eagerness to join more events like this.  

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Donations for Kindergarten

Share support with toys kindergartens in Bulgaria. The first kindergarten in Belasitsa village in Municipality of Petrich town. Thanks for the cooperation of the Mayor of Belasitza – Velik Filchev, and for Antoaneta Tocheva (President of the club “Active mothers” of Give Love) and Gergana Sandakchieva (Secretary of the club “Young mountaineer” of Give Love). Thank you to all donors who made donations in our

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1001 years from Tzar Samuil’ Rule

In honor of the 1001 management of Tsar Samuil club “Young mountaineer ‘association to” Give Love ” Petrich for second consecutive year give homage to one of the most remarkable medieval rulers devoted his life and his reign of defending the freedom and independence To Bulgaria. The event was attended by over 150 people: children Club Young mountaineer and all schools in the municipality,

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Give Love helped 1000 people in need in Municipality of Petrich

About 1,000  people in need are helped so far in Petrich municipality, thanks to the cooperation between “Give Love” and the mayor Velyo Iliev.Mayors of villages Belasitsa, Starchevo, Parvomai, Lower Ribnitsa, Kavrakirovo, Samuilovo, Dolen, Strumeshnitsa, Lower Krushitsa, Kamena, Yavornitsa, Kolarovо provided lists with people in need. One part of them already received the donations, and some of the villages are about establishing a connection. Give

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Club “Youth in Action” association “Give Love”

Club “Youth in Action” association “Give Love” with President Ivan Kanchev. Like the page and watch the activities of young people in the club. More

1st of June- Children’s day

NGO “Give Love” congratulated children from DC “Sun” DC “Hope”; DDLGR “Petar Dimitrov” , Center for children with abilities Parvomai village and kindergarden of Kolarovo village. Give Love donated mostly toys and clothes for the kids- the true and pure feast for the soul of the child. We want to thank everyone who support our cause, because through you, we are able to donate more

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Second Point for donations in Bulgaria

With great joy we want to announce the second point for donations that NGO “Give Love” opened in our country today 05.19.2015 in the town of Pravets. By this point we are getting closer to the target- establishing a network of stations across Bulgaria to help people in need! We want to give special thanks to the whole team for the company Niki Ltd. for

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Prepare for Easter!

NGO Give Love and its club ,, Young mountaineer, delighted the kids from the Home for abandoned children in the village of Parvomay and  Day Centre Nadezhda in Petrich. All together the children painted Easter eggs in the church of Sveta Petka in Petrich. They were fascinated. More

International Day of Happiness

Children from the club “Young mountaineer ‘association to NGO ” Give Love ” together with the children of IV School ” Hristo Smirnenski ” Petrich town turned the courtyard of Day Center for children with illnesses ” Hope ” and home ” Sun ” in a paradise. Thanks to all children included in the production of spring decoration. Many thanks and Mrs. Tony Kitanova

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The first Point for donation is a fact!

The first Point is a fact! The first Point in Bulgaria, where people can donate clothes, toys, books, furniture and etc. for people in need. And everything starts from here- the warmest and urban southern Bulgarian town is Petrich! One of the many that are to be open to all who want to donate and help those who need support and help. More

3rd of March – Liberation of Bulgaria

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, BULGARIANS !!! 3rd March the Day of Liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman rule. The children from club “Young mountaineer” association to NGO Give Love organized their own concert. In Bulgarian historiography, the Liberation of Bulgaria refers to those events of the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78 that led to the re-establishment of the Bulgarian state under the Treaty of San Stefano of March

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Let’s meet the people with mental illness at Home Petrovo Village

Today NGO Give Love visited the home for adults with mental illness in Petrovo Village . Until a few months ago here lived in that home children without parent with mental and physical illnesses. This maybe is one of the best Homes for people with illnesses in Bulgaria, which we have visited and I felt comfortable and cozy. More

Charity campaign to help children and adults in the metropolitan temple “Vaznesenie Gospodne”

From now 20.01.15 until January 25 (Sunday) you can donate clothes, shoes and books for adults and children from 0 to 18 in need. You can donate toys, sports equipment, games and entertainment etc. The donations can be new or used but must be in good condition and clean. Donations are collected in the metropolitan church ” Vaznesenie Gospodne” More

Point for donation is Pravets town

  The Point for donations in Pravets town is with an irregular working hours. Niki ltd cooperates us in collecting the donations (NIKI address:  Pravets, 2161 Industrial Zone Hanovete) Phone acceptance of donations: 0884 762385

Point for donations in Sofia

Information: address: Sofia,Vrazhdevna district, street “8th”, number 40 ( up to city hall Vrazhdebna) Working Hours: Saturday and Sunday (12:00 – 18:00 o’clock)

Point for donations in Petrich

Information: address: Department Store. St. Tsar Boris III. Petrich, Bulgaria. Opening hours: Saturday 14 am. – 18 pm.  

“You have got, but someone not” charity capmaign for casualties of floods in Devin town

On 21.2.2015, the (Saturday) in Petrich Town at the monument to Anton Popov from10 to 18 o’clock NGO “Give Love”, with the support of the municipality of Petrich Town and our partners Premier Luxury Mountain Resort,  organize again a charity campaign “You have got, but someone not”- for casualties of floods in  Devin Town. You can donate clothes, shoes, dry food and durable goods. We hope

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Christmas noble deeds in Lovech

Everyone loves gifts, and we are good and we love to make gifts, love and smiles of all heart for all children- young and elder!These are part of the donations and institutions which we have visited in Lovech town. On the photos some of the members from NGO “Give Love” and our partners “People help”. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Снимки  

“You have got, but someone not” – Building a Point

  The purpose of the activities of the campaign “You have someone not …” is to expand and create point to raise Clothes- new and second hand for children and adults. The collected donations will be distributed among families in need, children and adults from social homes and centers, initially in South- Western Bulgaria, and at a later stage and throughout the country.

“Come with me”

   Our mission with this project is better socialization of children and youth deprived of parental care. We want to improve not only their lifestyles but also we to open our mind with new and interesting friendships; to contribute to the general moral and emotional growth; expansion and perception of the world. We will create circles of intellectual and spiritual development of children and young

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This Christmas Association “Give Love” launched а charity campaign

This Christmas Association “Give Love” launches charity campaign to raise funds to build a base for new clothes and second hand to people in need, as well as the campaign “Come with me” – which aims to integrate children from orphanages. The activity will start initially in Petrich Municipality. Support us and donate the sum of 10 lev. Become our benefactor and grab your

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“Life on the chestnut “

The children from club “Young mountaineer” with their new friends from school “Cyril and Methodyi” in the village Rupite passed thematic route “Life chestnut” in Nature Park “Belasitsa”. Then they were given an interesting lecture on Biodiversity in the Natural Park “Belasitsa”. Photos

Lets close the season before Christmas on hut “Belasitsa” – 14.12.2014g.

With that transition the children successfully completed the calendar 2014 year. They Implemented 30 transition in 2014. The kids climbed 4 of 10 Mountain princes of Bulgaria. Photos

For chestnuts in Leshnishki coulee

       On 12.10.14 the young mountaineers spent a wonderful day in the nature of Leshnikovo coulee. Children gathered chestnuts in many fun games and mood. The day ended with their aroma and taste of the wonderful roasted chestnuts Leshnishkovi. Снимки            

1000 years since the death of Tsar Samuil

   On 10.10.2014 on the occasion of 1000 the death of Tsar Samuil 30 children from the club “Young mountaineer” the Association “Give Love” with much trepidation and emotion walked in the footsteps of Samuel warriors and telling the story of the battle, were brought 10 centuries back in time. Throughout the five-kilometer route of the march from the village Key to NTC “Samuil

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Yes! The young mountaineers conquered the top of the Bulgarian Tsar Gavril Radomir!

      Children club “Young mountaineer” enjoyed spectacular views of Mount Radomir. 28. 09.2014, the young mountaineers climbed a fourth peak of the ten mountain tops of Bulgaria. Radomir peak is the highest peak in the mountain Belasitsa -2029 m. It is 9 km southwest of Petrich. Until 1942 he was named Kalabak name still used by the local population. His new name

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Young mountaineers also marked 114 anniversary of organized tourism

       The children climbed another mountain peak together with hiking club “Tumba” to TS “Kalabak” city. Petrich. “Young mountaineer” climb Black Peak and scored 114 anniversary of organized tourism in Bulgaria. Photos  

Irin Pirin Peak!

       The pride of the Home Land-her children! And what better when they obey its peaks! This is the pride of association “Give Love” – children of club “Young mountaineer”. For the first time young mountaineers conquered Mount Vihren. The joy of all small and large, climbing Vihren was indescribable. For children was a huge challenge. Many of them are tired before half

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The first activity of Give Love

       Nearly one year when we found “Give Love”, the members of the association organized its first charity in Bansko  town in protected house for youth 3 and 4 – Bansko. Ivan Stoykov showed the first and most important milestones in hair dressing to some of the young people who are interested and want to be professional hairdressers. Zdravko Stoykov as a former

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Marvelous Bridges

The Marvelous Bridges or Wonderful Bridges are natural arches in the Rhodope Mountains of southern Bulgaria. They are located in the karst valley of the  Erkyupriya River in the Western Rhodopes at 1,450 metres (4,760 ft) metres above sea level, at the foot of Rersenk Peak. The “bridges” were formed by the erosive activity of the once larger Erkyupryia River. It transformed the marble clefts into a deep-water cave, the ceiling of which eroded through time

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Rhodope Odyssey

The name of the Rhodope mountains has a Thracian provenance. Rhod-ope  is interpreted as the first name of a river, meaning “rusty/reddish river”, where Rhod- has the same Indo-European root as the Bulgarian “руда” (ore, “ruda”), “ръжда” (rust, “razda”), “риж” (Latin rufous) and germ. rot (“червен”, “ред”). Through texts of Publius Ovidius Naso and Plutarch, the myth about the origin of the Rhodope mountains and the Balkan mountain range has

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“Among nature with games to be better”

On the occasion of welcoming summer Club “Young mountaineer” and organization “EUROMOTHERS” – Petrich have made their first joint transition under the motto “Among nature with games to be better.” Participants walked attractive route from Kamena to Samuilovo villages passing through the highest waterfall in the Bulgarian mountains Belasitza-Kameshnishki waterfall – 21 meters high. Broad meadows above Samuilovo Bialata fountain over 30 children and

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Club “Young Mountaineer” conquered Golyam Perelik

Golyam Perelik the highest peak in the Rhodope Mountains. After the young mountaineers conquered the peak they relaxed by the campfire   http://struma.bg/news/27417/1/1/Petrichki-uchenici-pokoriha-vruh-Golyam-Perelik-razpusnaha-kraj-lagerniya-ogun.html

Преход от Попина лъка до хижа Беговица

A case meeting the summer club “Young mountaineer” and organization “EUROMIL” – Petrich have made their first joint transition under the motto “in nature and games to be more good.” Participants walked attractive route from Kamen to Samuilovo passing through the highest waterfall in the Bulgarian mountains Belasitza-Kameshnishki waterfall 21 meters. Broad meadows above Samuilovo Bialata fountain over 30 children and 15 adults competed in various games. For children from the Young mountaineer that day was a good preparation for their next target climbing the highest peak in the Rhodopes most Perelik 2191 meters.

Lets play among the nature and try to be better…

A case meeting the summer club “Young mountaineer” and organization “EURO” – Petrich have made their first joint transition under the motto “in nature and games to be more good.” Participants walked attractive route from Kamen to Samuilovo passing through the highest waterfall in the Bulgarian mountains Belasitza-Kameshnishki waterfall 21 meters. Broad meadows above Samuilovo Bialata fountain over 30 children and 15 adults competed

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Заслон “Халката” -15.06.2014г.


1st of June – The”Children’s Day” – for young and older

On the most beautiful day of the child –  1st of June, the children from club “Young mountaineer ‘association to” Give Love “chosed to spent their holiday in many children’s games and laughter in hut” Belasitza in Belasitza mountain. They also received certificates for their contribution as young and future hikers to the nature of our native land- Bulagia! Photos Video

Let’s smile together on June 1st!

We celebrated the most wonderful day -The Children’s day in the most wonderful way! The associations “Give Love” and “People help” spent the holiday together with the children of poor families in the municipality of Kresna and made their day even more wonderful and memorable. All children received a lot of toys, books, games and entertaining outfit. Children and their parents have been waiting

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Charity Campaign “You have someone not” in Gotse Delchev town

On May 29 , representatives of ” Give Love” organization and the ” People Help ” donated toys and chothes  in a home for children deprived of parental care “Ivan Kiulev ” – Gotse Delchev. With excitement, the children were waiting for their visitors. They were so full of joy and happiness and expressed to us their gratitude with so many smiles and glowing faces. All

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Charity campaign “You have, and some do not …”

On 10.05.2014 year association ” Give Love ” launched a campaign to raise children’s clothing , toys, teaching aids , fun and educational games and other new and second hand donations . The campaign was held with the support of the municipality of Petrich and our partners: ” Interact Club ” Petrich and non profit organization ” People help .” The aim is to

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Charity campaign for children in region Blagoevgrad

Radio Bellahttp://www.radiobella.com/news/itemlist/category/2-petrich.html

This is our country- Bulgaria!

This is our country- Bulgaria !!!

Club “Young mountaineer” to Kameshnishki Falls

Kameshnishki Falls

Struma News 17.04.2014

Financial Reports

Report 2013 Report 2014 Report 2016

Media Book

” Easter Nest ” Gift

The members from club “Young mountaineer ‘ association to ” Give Love ” together with their peers from home for children deprived of parental care in Home ” Petar Dimitrov ” – Parvomai village , made a gift ” Easter Nest ”  to the  mayor of Petrich -eng. Velyo Iliev  for the Great Christian Holiday –  Easter . Week before Easter, children from club “Young mountaineer ”

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Participation in Charity

Maria Dimitrova Taseva member of the club “Young mountaineer ‘association to” Give Love ” sang the song ” Crocodile Gena ”  at Easter charity concert to raise funds for his contemporaries Hristina Angelova, who suffered from cerebral palsy. The concert was organized by the youth organization “Intaract club” Petrich, which was held at the National Cultural Center “Brothers Miladinovi – 1914″ – Petrich.

Charity exhibition

On 04.17.2014 in Petrich town hall was organized Easter charity show to raise funds for the treatment of 6 -year-old Christina Angelova, who suffered from cerebral palsy . The exhibition was attended by children from Club “Young mountaineer ‘ association to ” Give Love ” with its ” Easter nest ” made ​​together with their peers from homes for children deprived of parental care in Home ”

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Easter- for everyone!

It is not known when the people first started to dye eggs. Historical and archaeological evidence suggests that eggs are dyed and donated in ancient Egypt, Persia, Rome, China and Greece. In ancient times when  the Jews were going to visit someone they used to donate a gift to the host. If the guest was very poor, he used to give an egg. According

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Bulgarian life of Syrian refugees in Village Scrat

In 2012 1387 people have sought protection in Bulgaria . As of 16th of October 2013 on the territory of Bulgaria 6445 illegal immigrants have entered Bulgaria mainly through the border with Turkey. 4400 of those were Syrians . In early December has released information that 57 % of illegal immigrants in Bulgaria are from Syria , followed Afghanistan – 16.3% , Algeria –

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По-добър живот за сирийските бежанци в България

В прикачения файл можете да намерите протокола и благодарственото писмо, което получихме от с. Скрът, общ. Петрич, за помощта, която оказа сдружение ” Дари Любов” на младото сирийско семейство емигранти

Better life for Syrian refugees in Bulgaria

In the attached file you will find the record and thankful  letter  from village Skrut, Municipality Petrich, for the cause of association “Give Love” to help the young Syrian immigrant family live a better life in Bulgaria-  Svidetelstvo_za_darenie-s.Skrat

Walk to the smallest town in Bulgaria – town Melnik

   On 11/09/2013 year club “Young Mountaineers” association to NGO ” Give Love ” made as a gift a day trip to cultural and historical character of  Melnik Town and Rozhen Monastery for users from Protected Houses- 3 and 4″ in  Bansko Town. The purpose of this event was to show and reveal the beauty of our country. The club wanted the young people to have

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Социална работилница

Работилницата за хартиени пликове към Защитено жилище в гр. Банско се нуждае от ремонт. Целта ни е да успеем до края на годината хартиените пликове, изработени от лицата в защитеното жилище, да заменят найлоновите торбички в Банско и района. Към момента средствата, които сме набрали, не достигат за ремонт на сградата. Ремонтирайки се, работилницата  ще помогне на повечето от младежите в защитеното жилище, да

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Thankful letter from “Social Homes 3 and 4″ in Bansko town

In the attached file you can find the thankful letter we received from the manager of the “Social Homes” 3 and 4 in Bansko – Yordanka Tsakova- blagodarstveno_pismo.pdf