Rhodope Odyssey

The name of the Rhodope mountains has a Thracian provenance. Rhod-ope  is interpreted as the first name of a river, meaning “rusty/reddish river”, where Rhod- has the same Indo-European root as the Bulgarian “руда” (ore, “ruda”), “ръжда” (rust, “razda”), “риж” (Latin rufous) and germ. rot (“червен”, “ред”). Through texts of Publius Ovidius Naso and Plutarch, the myth about the origin of the Rhodope mountains and the Balkan mountain range has reached us: “Rhodopa and Hemus were brother and sister. They had started having a desire for each other, where Hemus was referring to her as Hera and Rhodopa to him as her beloved Zeus. The gods felt offended and decided to transform them into homonymous mountains.” The children from club “Young mountaineer” touched the legends of the Thracian rulers of several millennia ago, the forests of the Rhodope and exclamations of magnetism their symbols of faith, storage and united our ancestors.



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