“Give love…”


I started “Give love” in the winter of 2012 when I was a volunteer in the center for orphans, in Bansko. I realized that the way we give and express our love to them was bringing back to me a lot more. I saw it in their smiles and the happy sparkles in their eyes, shining with light. This is a feeling I would like you all to experience. This was the reason to create “Give love”. I realized that these kids should be given a chance, they deserve it because they value everything that surrounds us much more than anyone else. They are happy and grateful for the small things in life. They are full with joy and contentment when there is someone they can talk to. Because it is important to share their feelings and emotions.

I believe that we as a society could help them and change their lives into something better.

“Give love “ is a charity association set up in accordance with the law of juridical public entity with uneconomic aim 46/2013.

Basic tasks of “Give love” are : sustainable development in social activities, providing social services, integrating young people who need social protection, helping children with disabilities, assisting and providing them help on the job market, creating opportunities for the children with disabilities and people in disadvantaged social conditions to take part in the social life, helping them in making decisions, counseling their personal growth etc. In order to achieve our social activities we take part in projects, discussions, lectures, clubs, concerts, theatres, festivals, exhibitions, quilling art clubs and any other local or national plans and strategies for helping people with disabilities.

We organize discussions, talks, courses ,parties and different clubs and other useful and pleasant activities in order to improve the social integration of the children with disabilities and people living in disadvantaged social conditions. Our dream is to make them happy and to involve them in our social life because they are part of our world.

We organize hiking clubs and itineraries all over Bulgaria for their easier social integration. Sightseeing gives them an opportunity to explore our country and our historical and cultural heritage.

Diana Yazadzhieva
Founder and Chairman

In the name of Good for people in need from Karnalovo

Give Love” continues its mission in the name of a better life for people living in huge poverty. Thanks to our angel Violeta Stoyanova, we support children and adults with clothes and toys from village Kavrakirovo, Petrich Municipality.

Help for Center for Temporary Accommodation, Vratsa Town

This week, with the help of our angel Lily of  “Give Love” Association we helped the people from Center for Temporary Accommodation, Vratsa town with a lot of clothes, blankets, and other necessary stuff. Many thanks to EUROSPED Team and Mila Gospodinova for their help and support . Thanks to them we are able to help people in need in all Bulgaria, in every

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