Together we succeeded!

With a great joy we want to tell all donors of NGO “Give Love” yesterday on 12.15.2015, with the help and assistance of one of our volunteers were able to help many children Bulgarian family! Impossible to pay the high bills and the expensive life in the capital, the family was forced to move with his six children and awaiting another future member. The family live now near the capital in one village.The family was literally nothing-neither clothes nor household utensils, nothing. Thanks to one of our donators, who contacted us, we have prepared a huge jeep- full of all household goods, clothes, toys, walker, etc., As well as food from Chipita lTD in Sofia! We do not announce the name of the family, because it so wished! Now is the time to share that most Bulgarians, even if they are in a difficult financial situation would not seek help. This is a huge problem for us because we have to look appropriate way to people in need, to get them help!
We want to thank all of you who come and donate aid to the needy in our points! Thanks to you, we would not have succeeded to collect so heterogeneous donations and to behave adequate and be able to help so quickly!
“Yesterday for me as a person, and the cause of NGO “Give Love” was a fruitful day! I realized that the Real JOY is not only help people in need, but to involve those who want to be part of all this- Giving HOPE AND RESPECT HUMAN!”- Diana Yazadzhieva / Founder of Give Love/


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