We are Transparent

“Give Love” is an association which is born of a sense of love for children and people with disabilities. True love is pure and generous. It is transparent. Our actions are guided by the transparency of our feelings. Our reports will be the same. On the website, you will be able to find the information on the way the money is spent on as well as all the activities initiated by our association.

Representative of the non-profit organization for public benefit “Give Love ” – Diana Yazadzhieva

In the name of Good for people in need from Karnalovo

Give Love” continues its mission in the name of a better life for people living in huge poverty. Thanks to our angel Violeta Stoyanova, we support children and adults with clothes and toys from village Kavrakirovo, Petrich Municipality.

Help for Center for Temporary Accommodation, Vratsa Town

This week, with the help of our angel Lily of  “Give Love” Association we helped the people from Center for Temporary Accommodation, Vratsa town with a lot of clothes, blankets, and other necessary stuff. Many thanks to EUROSPED Team and Mila Gospodinova for their help and support . Thanks to them we are able to help people in need in all Bulgaria, in every

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